Canoe Brook Lake Association

Trumbull, CT. est. 1973

The History of Canoe Brook Lake

Canoe Brook Lake is a man-made lake dating back to the early 1890’s. At that time the Bridgeport Hydraulic Company required an auxiliary reservoir to supplement Island Brook Reservoir – now Lake Forest – in Bridgeport, and decided on the Canoe Brook site. The first acquisition was an 18 acre parcel acquired from John Burroughs in August 1890 for $325. Within five years, approximately 200 acres had been purchased in the general area south of Lake Avenue (then known as Modesty Avenue) and east of Madison Avenue. Park Lane, then Pork Lane, crossed the basin area and had to be closed off.

An earth and stone dam was built at the Mallett millpond to hold water back while the dike and larger poured concrete dam were constructed. The temporary millpond dam was then broken and the brook area flooded to create Canoe Brook Reservoir. Canoe Brook was operated as an auxiliary reservoir from 1893 to 1920, then became a primary reservoir until 1928 when the new and larger Easton Reservoir was completed.

In May 1947, the reservoir was transferred by deed to Canoe Brook Company which then initiated private development. In 1956 the area was incorporated as the Canoe Brook Lake Association. Today, homeowners whose land was at one time part of the Bridgeport Hydraulic Company tract comprise the Canoe Brook Lake Association. The Lake occupies 72 acres, holds 293 million gallons of water, and is 361 feet above sea level. The average center depth is 20 feet and the lake is deepest – 30 feet – near the dam.

Situated in Trumbull, Connecticut, the Canoe Brook Lake Association is a private, 189-member lake front community around beautiful Canoe Brook Lake. The CBLA was created in the 1950s when the Bridgeport Hydraulic Company sold the land surrounding Canoe Brook Lake to private developers. The mile long lake was originally formed by a man-made dam in the early 1890s.

Canoe Brook Lake’s four beaches are annually groomed and re-supplied with sand. Floating platforms are located off of most beaches. Lake depths range from 1 to 30 feet, so diving areas are available from the floats. Many residents keep canoes and paddle boats docked at the lake. Since no motorized water vehicles are permitted, Canoe Brook Lake is very clean and great for swimming. And most winters, the lake freezes well for ice skating!

The CBLA hosts two annual social events: a summer lake party and a holiday get together. These popular gatherings are attended by many of the lake community members.

Canoe Brook Lake is located approximately 50 miles from New York City and only minutes from the Merritt Parkway (Route 15).

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